This is what I say to the world..

First off a big, FAT, smiley

‘hello’, out there.

And then I give a curtsey.

Also maybe a twirl!

A nod of recognition.

In the hope of reconciliation.

Of the masses.

But often the feeling passes.

At which I twitch my glasses.

To look a little closer,

at the posers.

The jumped up big men.

The ‘upper classes’.

At how I really see them!

I scream a loud

‘Hey you up there!’

‘Yep you with the lofty hair!’

‘Come down!’

‘Have a laugh!’

‘A while?!’

‘Don’t give me that dark distancing stare!’

And if they proceed,

in a cuntish style.

All abrupt.

Jumped up.

And vile

I walk.


in a little while,

I turn and say

‘Hey!’ =)

‘You’re just doing your thing!’

‘It is YOUR style.’

‘We’re different.’

‘That’s all!’

‘And I’ll do mine.’

If we can just accept this,

I’m certain in a little while,

for sure in our world,

we will all be fine!


This here poem is something I penned earlier this year, around May- (2014) time, in response to an awful lot of adversity, that was being imposed upon my existence, by many people I assume as strangers, in my life, as I do not have any personal experiences, with them, past OR present, that could even justify the ‘nit-picking’ that came about, about me, in the form of their interferences. (Publicly, and more importantly, most corruptly, within my personal sphere of peace and tranquility which had quite some effect upon other personal area’s within my life, of which I am still dealing with the effect’sĀ  at present.) Anyhow, I do have some of the most broadest shoulder’s, of all the people I know, and I’m a great healer of all things emotional and psychological, even if I am somewhat over-zealous in the defence of myself, at times. (Please refer to my first post on my blog, https://guclucy5inc5hipz.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/dont-judge-a-book-by-its-cover/ for a little background info, about my zealotry, in this area, and an interesting article that concedes a little more about my acceptance of my inner-self)

I have chosen this as my introduction to my blog as I am a avid-learner of the creative branch that be poetry, and also because it quite simply and justly sums up my place in this world, all influences considered.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introductory to my blog-space.

I hope you come back soon.


Feel free to comment as you wish. All input is greatly received and considered, as I am on a mission, daily, to open my mind and expand my spiritual, mental and emotional horizon’s to supercede my level of intelect AND emotional intelect, as it grows, day-to-day.




19 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hello there lovely laydee!!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my (rather sketchy, and a lil hotchpotchy) new blog, and for writing some feedback!

      YERRPP.. My writing style is more often than not, tongue-in-sheek, and even more often than it is that, is very vulgar and quite unrelenting with regards to saying it how I speak… LITERALLY.

      Maybe’s I ought to alter the rating to X???

      Nice to get aquainted with you.


  1. I stopped here by chance,
    Your post caught my eye at first glance,
    I usually browse till I see something worthy,
    Then again who can really judge the,
    I learned the secret to being wealthy healthy and loved,
    You seem to have already implemented it while rising above,
    You see we are where mentally want to be,
    In the sense that we attract our own situation to the,

    Sorry I love poetry… it just gets use to connect with our soul and heart… anywho… I’m really inspired and like that you can shut out the negative “strangers” and push forward in life!!! Start connecting with like minded people and you are right there lol… if you like to know more about me check out my page http://about.me/ramon_prds
    P.s. feel free to connect with me on Fb twitter…. etc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey!! =D
      It’s always great to connect over a lil poetry!!
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I love your verse.

      And also, like the fact that you totally dig what my introductory poem means!
      Thanks for the love.


      1. No problem like I said I enjoy like minded people… don’t get me wrong I enjoy getting the “Debbie downers” to open their mind and get on our level, but it took me making money and being stress free to get there… now I have time to just focus on my inner self and become a better more positive person… šŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man!
      Your admiration, of my sarcky lil ditty, is proudly accepted, and your kindness to comment is much appreciated.
      I like poetry. I like ridiculous Rhymes. I like being Ridiculous. And I’m one sarcky B!t**. That swears an awful lot!
      So glad you like my poem. Can I actually call it a poem???


    1. Thank you so very much!! I’ve not been about for a couple of weeks, or so, due to pain from migraine’s, but am rearing to go again. And after this lovely nomination… How could I not?!?!?! =D


    2. Hello Thia.
      I was just wondering what this 5 lovely blogs awards, thingymijiggy is??
      I’ve been off the scene for a little while and subsequently unable to update my blog.


      1. Oh, the ‘One Lovely Blog’ thing is different – this was one of the Blogging 101 tasks, to nominate 5 classmates you wanted to congratulate. With the One Lovely Blog thing, I’ve been a bit remiss… I accepted a nomination, but was then supposed to nominate 15 others and I was having a hard time finding 15 that were relatively new to blogging and who hadn’t already been nominated… you were on my list but I think it only ever got to about 12 – and that took so long I sort of lost interest!


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