Tagline and Title Because I Just Am…


… One mouthy individual, capable of having three conversation’s, on different subject’s, at any given time, given my equilibrium and focus aren’t disturbed by my long-lived migraine suffering (and other annoyances/irratation’s of any nature).


… Big on writing. Especially creative writing! In fact…


I’m a Creative-All-Rounder! I love to create. Creating is my Zest for Life!!


… An avid learner!

I love to improve my I.Q in many direction’s because Education is my sustainance for survival. I love to learn almost as much as I love to Create!!! Currently completing more than one course online, one of which being this….


Which nicely paves the way for revelation’s into why I’m interested in Spirituality and Self-Improvement! (I’ve also been big on the Bibliographical Research into the Human Brain and Mind since my early teens.)


… Oh..

Did I tell you I’m mouthy?!?!?



2 thoughts on “Tagline and Title Because I Just Am…”

  1. First off, I covet that banner pic of yours. It is -amazing-. So much texture and quirkiness. Darn you! But yeah, nice. (The only thing about it is that you have to scroll down a bit to see any new text. Maybe trim the top and bottom, tweak the height?)

    I don’t know if I really see a tagline, per se. I see a series of mini-paragraphs which do a good job of summing you up. Now, can you sum those into one or two sentences? I haven’t found the right phrase yet, so if you can, more power to you.

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  2. Helloooo there AnecdotaltTales!!
    Thanking you immensley for your insightful response. I like that you like my Photo-Banner, as it is one I took myself, under a disused train bridge at the local Nature Reserve, 5 minutes out of my doorstep! Un-digitised/edited/tweaked! Just pure natural photography. I also love it too. The contrast of the countryside to the Suburban decorative art-form, that be Graffiti art, really twings my twang. =D
    (Your suggestion to adjust the depth of the photie has been noted, and the assistance of GIMP will be employed to make necessary changes to the dimension’s, maybe later this evening, or tomorrow morning. So thanking you, for that, also.)

    Shorten my (already edited, and increased word count, in the last 5 minutes) summary into TWO SENTENCES, you say????

    (out comes the note pad and my pink pen…..)

    Watch this space….

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