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SACRED RELATIONSHIP: Love as a by-product of Being Alone. My story. By Me. <3

“What is LOVE?

Love is a luxury. It comes out of being alone.”


I love this Blog Post, (^^that I have linked above^^) and totally relate to what is described within it!


I have been LUCKY enough to follow a path, through some terrifyingly dark places, with only my own support and determination to get me over the hurdles I faced during said times. I am also lucky enough to have found, early on, in my journeying, ‘my therapy’, which is art and writing, and often-times dancing, to loud and hard music. All of these activities I relish! And though they are very enjoyable activities in social settings, I am both proud and so grateful of myself, to have found the solitary enjoyment to venture out to explore those avenues, by myself, of my own accord, often with the sole intention of quietening the scaredy lil voice inside my head, called fear, but always ending in the most profound revelation’s about how satisfyingly brilliant it is to have travelled these dark path’s, least travelled, with the burning desire to surface onto lighter roads, through illuminating journeys!


“In that moment energy within you is so much, that you would like it to be shared. Then you give, you give because you have so much, you give without asking anything in return – that is unconditional and true love.”

My path was crossed, earlier this year, with a tiny nudge (from me) by the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, in my life, and my now, fully present partner. My gorgeous companion in life, who I feel so grateful and lucky for meeting! He is, I do believe, my soul companion, and we are so suited on many levels.


{Photo of Ste and I at Shipley Adventure Playground, Derbyshire, Uk. A couple or few weeks ago, from now.}

I try to give him the honour of expressing my gratitude and adoration, every day, because I know how it is to be blind-in-love, and a destructive factor of my own demise, by myself, and in relationship’s I’ve held in the past. And this relationship, my heart holds, now, is the most important and rewarding communion of two hearts I’ve ever been present in!!

“This is real love; then there is no possessiveness. The love is unconditional and this is real meditation; then there is no effort.”

I never feel any sense of ‘relationship-danger’, with him, nor do I obsess over worries, doubts or anxieties that I am not good enough, or that he may want to look further afield for someone more suited, as I know, in my heart that he feel’s the exact same feelings for me, as I do for him. It is there when I look in his eye. I feel it in my heart and soul when we snuggle close. I sense his thoughts are with me when we are apart from each other, physically. It feel’s like we are emotionally and mentally together, when we are physically apart, even!

“like a white cloud surrounding you – you are suffused with the light. You are immersed in it, bathed in it, and that freshness goes on welling up in you. Now you start sharing.”


“When the cloud is full of rain, it showers rain, and when the flower is full of fragrance, it releases its fragrance to the winds.”


I haven’t even had one slight bout of the old ‘relationship-bipolar’ that used to regularly plague relationships of years I’ve surpassed!! And that to me is a positive signal that what we have, together, is pure and unbridled love, from the heart, within the heart of one another!!


It is a truly liberating feeling.
And for that, I feel so lucky, also!!

Dedicated to my Ste! Thank you for being so you!

                                                                           I LOVE YOU

{This post contains quotes from the original blog post; SACRED RELATIONSHIP; Love as a by-product of Being Alone. BY SOUL HARMONY ON DEMAND. ( ) All images (aside from the photo) were obtained from google images, by various artists, of which can be detailed, if so requested.}