The Daily Meditation Diary of a Poet In Denial.


Soo… Yesterday I meditated for a hour, well actually, I fell to sleep at some point during, but definitely quietened my body and mind enough to get upon that next level up in my consciousness enough to know I was meditating.

Anyway’s, I did not get to sleep until around 3AM this morning, and awoke at 7.30, feeling immediately ready for the day, with full concentration level’s intact.

This is something I have been struggling with for weeks, now, as I have been in the most pain with dodgy wisdom teeth, and as a result, been a vile bitch, to be around, and sooo bloody drained and groggy. But not today!!!

I’m full on rearing to go, as I say, concentration level’s on full form, and my focus is paramount! If this is the affect of that little meditation session I had yesterday, I hereby do declare that I shall be participating, for a hour, each day, from this day forward, and keeping a diary of said plan’s and results.

Another mission for my daily endeavours, added to my list, and gaining way, under my belt!! Told you all 2014 was going to be my year for true self-discovery and improvement!!! ❤