Writing101: UNLOCK THE MIND.


Assignment .1.

~ Take twenty minutes to free-write. Don’t think about what you’ll write, just write. ~

So here it went…

I am one of those ‘Hippie-Type-Happy-Go-Lucky’ bird’s who is always able to express appreciation for anything that impresses me. And.. Believe me, I’m always very impressed by a vast array of things!

I’m also over-zealous in my excitement over impressive things. I’ve never been able to get a lid on this, but now I actually think about it, I’m not really that certain that I would actually like to?!

People are often aghast at my openly-expressed display’s of appreciation and the energy that quite, literally explodes right out of me! Especially in public settings. Other’s just presume (I think?!) that I am far too directed towards people-pleasing. But, sincerely, I simply cannot contain myself! Or just feel so compelled to share my thoughts and feelings, that it’s almost as if they virtually jump right of me. Involuntarily right out of the depth’s of me!


I thoroughly enjoyed this free-writing assignment. It was fun, and let me exercise my innate knack of being able to just ramble, unbridled! Though I was a little unsteady in my focus and approach, to begin with, the lack of structure and Topic gave me a quiet sense of reassurance and a heightened ability to just flow with my writing.