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Tagline and Title Because I Just Am…


… One mouthy individual, capable of having three conversation’s, on different subject’s, at any given time, given my equilibrium and focus aren’t disturbed by my long-lived migraine suffering (and other annoyances/irratation’s of any nature).


… Big on writing. Especially creative writing! In fact…


I’m a Creative-All-Rounder! I love to create. Creating is my Zest for Life!!


… An avid learner!

I love to improve my I.Q in many direction’s because Education is my sustainance for survival. I love to learn almost as much as I love to Create!!! Currently completing more than one course online, one of which being this….


Which nicely paves the way for revelation’s into why I’m interested in Spirituality and Self-Improvement! (I’ve also been big on the Bibliographical Research into the Human Brain and Mind since my early teens.)


… Oh..

Did I tell you I’m mouthy?!?!?